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Let It Die (PS4) Review | Popzara Press
Freemium done right; a competent dungeon crawler and frog-eating simulator that's one of the year's more memorable games. Full review by Cory Galliher on Popzara Press

Nidhogg 2 Preview (PSX 2016) - PlayStation LifeStyle
PSLS: "Nidhogg 2 might not be the sequel that fans of the original expected, but that definitely isnt a bad thing."

DICE Finally Identifies Cause of Battlefield 1 PS4 Pro Issues
Following weeks of investigations, Battlefield 1 developer DICE has finally identified the cause of the performance issues PS4 Pro users have being reporting since the game's latest title update.

It's E3 in December (PressureCast One-Hundred-Fifty-Eight)
Last of Us Part 2, Uncharted The Lost Legacy and Dozens of Others in this Announcement Packed Episode!

The Gamesmen, Episode 145 Dragons Full of Quests
Join Hardlydan and Amras89 for game talk and fun! This time, The Gamesmen talk about broadband lag, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, the Radeon RX 490, the comeback of Wipeout, the lovely sayings from G

PS4 Stealth Games Buyer's Guide
PSLS: "Nothing beats sneaking up on an unsuspecting guard and making them no longer a threat. Thats exactly why stealth games are so much fun, and there are plenty of them on PlayStation 4. Since there are so many, though, it can be difficult to choose what PS4 stealth game is actually worth playing. To make this choice easier, weve put together a list to help you decide on what PS4 stealth games are right for you. Be it an open-world title or an independent title with a unique twist."

Bait and Switch: Nintendos new console is everything wrong with gaming hype
The Switchs short teaser trailer grabbed everyones attention, promising a mobile system with impressive capabilities and a surprising selection of games. But it glosses over details that might be the consoles downfall.

Xbox One's ReCore Reminds Phil Spencer Of Why He Loves Gaming
Xbox One's ReCore launched this past September, and while it received lukewarm thoughts from critics, Phil Spencer said it is a great reminder of why he's in this industry.

PS4 Slim Owners Receiving $10 Free PlayStation Store Credit From Sony
Users in North America who have recently purchased a PS4 Slim are today receiving $10 in free PlayStation Store credit from Sony.

Free Persona 5 PS4 Theme Finally Released on EU PSN; Resident Evil VII Theme for PlayStation Plus
About three weeks ago, the folks at Atlus USA promised that Deep Silver would have released a free Persona 5 theme for 24 hours on the European PlayStation Store on November 24th. Unfortunately, when you deal with different publishers and different stores, things don't always go as smoothly as expected, and Deep Silver has been mum since on the topic, until now.

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