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Mario Kart 8 Has Sold 8 Million Units Worldwide
Nintendo has confirmed that its immensely popular and super fun Mario Kart 8 has shifted 8 million units worldwide. Thats very impressive for a system that has sold just over 13 million.

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Review | Warp Zoned
Warp Zoned writes: "Nearly six years after Bandai Namco produced the nearly-perfect Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, the spinoff series returned a few weeks ago with the inexplicably named Pac-Man Championship Edition 2. As the third entry in the Championship Edition series, fans expect to see gorgeous neon-lit mazes and high-speed Dot chomping, and Bandai Namco delivers. But the publisher also added a few new moves to Pac-Mans repertoire for CE2 along with boss battles. "

Medieval City-Building Strategy Game Townsmen Coming to PC November 30th
Developer HandyGames and publisher Headup Games have announced a new Medieval city-building game called Townsmen. Set to arrive November 30th at an undisclosed price, Townsmen is love letter to the good ol days of Anno and The Settlers.

Night in the Woods Launches January 10th on PS4 and PC
Night in the Woods, first revealed Back in 2014 by Infinite Fall, is set to release digitally on PS4 and PC on January 10th.

Silent Hill 2 Directors Cut - Retro Review
Cant recommend this game enough to all the horror fans out there who havent played it already.

5 Games With Huge, Unexpected Plot Twists
These video games featured turns no one saw coming.

5 Video Games That Were Ahead of Their Time
The current video game landscape might look a lot different without these classics.

Alien: Isolation is an intense survival horror experience
For some, exploring a space station may sound like a dream come true. For Amanda Ripley, on board an alien-infested station, this is the worst day of her life.

Ryu Amiibo discounted to below $5, Mario 8-bit Amiibos to under $8 and more
Amazon has heavily discounted several Amiibo figures with the Ryu Amiibo dropping to just $4.99, Mario 8-bit Classic Color Amiibo to $7.95, Mario 8-bit Modern Color Amiibo to $7.84 and more.

Pokemon Go Plus back in stock
Be quick before the Ebay scalpers get them!

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